Financial Planning

Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments: Higher Yield Fixed Term Payments Secure income for a safe financial future

You’re in search of smart solutions to diversify your portfolio, achieve higher yields and generate new income payments. Kent Insurance Inc.  is ready to help.

Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments Offer an Answer

Good news. Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments aren’t just for retirement. They’re a smart purchase for any safety conscious investor, from a settlement recipient, to a millennial couple just starting out, to a Boomer looking for a steady income in retirement.



Income payments starting within a few months.


Income payments starting 3-10 years in the future.


A single payment made to the buyer in the future.

When compared to other guaranteed assets, Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments consistently outperform.

Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments are perfect for supplemental and retirement income needs, to cover living costs, special needs, and retirement expenses. Using multiple income streams, you can build your own personal pension with superior tax deferral and higher yield.

Timing Kent Insurance Inc Income Payments


Higher Yield = Lower Price

Higher yield Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments mean a lower price for secure income for you. A payment stream at a 5% yield costs less than the same payment stream at a 4% yield. So, you get more for your money with Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments.

Individual, IRA and Institutional Buyers

Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments can be used for fixed income in both individual and IRA accounts, and in settlement planning. In addition, many institutions use these assets to achieve a stable yield in pension and endowment portfolios.

No Fees? No Way

Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments cost less than comparable investments, both initially and over time. There are no hidden asset management fees or annual charges. The only cost is a nominal charge for payment servicing when payments are received.

For buyers using qualified funds, even our preferred IRA custodian - GoldStar Trust - has the lowest fees in the industry, while offering the best service. We’ve got you covered!

Best In Class Business Structure

Our payments provide the baseline income essential to the financial plans of our clients.

Naturally, we secured advice as dependable as the carriers that make the payments.

  • Due diligence review by expert counsel
  • Payment servicing by an FDIC insured bank
  • Regulatory advice by former SEC counsel
  • Tax advice by a major accounting firm.

How Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments Originate

Kent Insurance Inc. Income Payments are comprised of payments backed by guaranteed structured settlement annuities from top quality insurance companies.

Individuals sell their payments to us in a court ordered legal process. We perform extensive due diligence to ensure compliance with IRS regulations, state specific transfer statutes, and court proceedings to ensure that each payment is safely transferred to you.

Top Rated Insurance Carriers

Kent Insurance Inc. payments come from top rated insurance companies like Met Life, Transamerica, Berkshire Hathaway, Prudential, and John Hancock.